January Reduce Sugar Mid-Month Update
30-Day Challenges Life

January Reduce Sugar Mid-Month Update

Hi there! We’re about halfway through January, so I thought I’d give a mid-month update on how the reduce sugar 30-day challenge is going. Check out my Year of 30-Day Challenges post to see what I’m doing each month. Overall, it hasn’t been too…

January 15, 2018
A Year of 30-Day Challenges
30-Day Challenges Life

A Year of 30-Day Challenges

Do you make a resolution for the new year? I usually do, but nothing formal, and it’s almost always to lose weight. Honestly, after a day or two, I forget I made one. This year I’ve decided to challenge myself to something more meaningful,…

December 30, 2017
San Fernando Cathedral

San Antonio in December

Earlier this month, my mom and I spent three days in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio has been on my list to visit for a while and ended up being the perfect destination for a December vacation. We had airplane fare that was about…

December 27, 2017
Pumpkin Snickerdoodles
Christmas Cookie Baking Day Cookies Desserts

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

My coworker Katherine made these Pumpkin Snickerdoodles several times this year and from the first bite I knew they’d make the Cookie Baking Day list! People rave about these cookies and I can taste why. It’s the best of the classic snickerdoodle, plus pumpkin…

December 24, 2017
Tropical Chewies
Christmas Cookie Baking Day Cookies Desserts

Tropical Chewies

New to Cookie Baking Day were these Tropical Chewies. We usually bake only two of the same type of cookies from year to year, so it’s always fun to have something new on the menu. These cookies are full of goodies: white chocolate chips,…

December 22, 2017
Classic Peanut Butter Cookies
Christmas Cookie Baking Day Cookies Desserts

Classic Peanut Butter Cookies

It’s hard to believe after so many years of Cookie Baking Day, that we rarely bake peanut butter cookies. I think it’s because I thought they’d be too time consuming with the rolling and fork-squishing (ha!). This year I was feeling nostalgic for all…

December 20, 2017
Sugar Plums
Candy Christmas Desserts

Sugar Plums

I have been itching to get in the kitchen and make candy, so yesterday my friend Laura came over to make Sugar Plums (and other goodies)! There are several sugar plum recipes out there, some include figs and other spices, but I was sold…

November 12, 2017
PC Muffin
Breakfast Chocolate Desserts Muffins & Scones

The PC Muffin

TheΒ PC Muffin is my absolute favorite muffin from Fido here in Nashville. Funny thing is I discovered it at a different coffee shop. A few years ago I worked down the street from a coffee shop that sold Fido goodies and my standing order…

November 6, 2017
Not-Too-Sweet Granola with Blueberries and Greek Yogurt

Not-Too-Sweet Granola

My reign of stinginess is over. I got this recipe for granola from my boss and it has ruled my breakfast for months. I teased about it back in April on instagram…twice. Shame on me for just now sharing it. It’s the first time…

August 2, 2017
Podcast Favorites Playlist

Podcasts I’m Listening to Lately

I am years late to the podcast party, but certainly making up for lost time. My commute to and from work has gotten longer and longer over the years (sidenote: please stop moving to Nashville, we’re full), and there’s only so much of the…

April 13, 2017
Main Dish Vegetarian

Farro with Brie and Squash

Hey strangers! Whew, it has a been way too long since I last posted. (whispers :: last June). I meant to take a short hiatus, really I did. But you know that saying, “life happens when you’re planning?” It sure does. Last June I…

March 31, 2017
Grab and Go Breakfast Wraps
Breakfast Low Calorie Pork Sandwiches

Grab & Go Breakfast Wraps

These days I’m all into meal planning and prepping. The weekend (especially Sunday) is my time to get everything together so I can do as little as possible when it comes to meals during the week. I get up super early for work and…

June 3, 2016

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